The Two Percent “Awarded Best short film USA Satire”

The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival
The  Two Percent, has very nice camera angles. Well edited between different storylines and overall well-made, and would have liked it to be longer, into a feature would be great.

Content: Story about a group of guys who get together at a friend’s funeral and reminisce about their youth and antics they did together. Well written and the actors all do a very good job.

Easy to watch and nicely done.
“The Two Percent is a film about life, though not as most of us know it. It’s about five guys who came from broken homes and/or no family life to speak of. They meet and come together in high school and bond as a group. They become their own family of brothers, it’s a journey about trust, friendship, fun, and life.

Highest Rating, “A Great Hit at The Festival” “NYIIFVF, Recommends to see this film”